Malawi Biomass Energy Strategy (March 2009)

The Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST)  recognises that biomass is a large and important part of Malawi’s energy mix, alongside, for example, electrification. Its objective was to develop a rational and implementable approach to the management of Malawi’s biomass energy sector through a combination of measures designed to improve the sustainability of biomass energy supply, raise end-user efficiencies and promote appropriate alternatives. The resulting Strategy addresses thermal applications of energy, primarily cooking. It covers domestic, institutional and industrial applications for biomass, and includes both commercial and non-commercial users of fuel.

National Cookstoves Programme Lesson Learning Workshop with Sub-Grantees (July 2014)

A summary of the various successes and challenges of six pilot cookstove programmes in Malawi, as well as a set of general recommendations for cookstove projeccts.


CEPA NDRM Chichewa

CEPA National Gender Policy Eng

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A study to examine the socio-economic impact of removing Value Added Tax (VAT) and import duties on off-grid solar products as well as improved cookstoves was commissioned by the Department for International Development (DFID).

Malawi Clean Energy Fiscal Study Report