The Movement for Bio-energy Advocacy Utilisation Learning and Action is Malawi’s national network for stakeholders involved in clean cookstoves. It is a platform for all stakeholders: government, producers, project implementers, etc. to share information and experience.

The network was created in 2012 at the PCIA/DISCOVER stove camp, initially comprising only 40 members. It has now been recognised by the National Cookstove Steering Committee action plan “as an essential instrument for informing and supporting the implementation of the National Strategy… in order to up-scale the marketing, usage and harmonization of cookstove technologies in the country”.

MBAULA is therefore an important aspect of Malawi’s goal of reaching 2 million cookstoves by 2020.


    • Provide a platform for coordination of the cookstove sector
    • Help to track Malawi’s goal of 2 million cookstoves by 2020
    • Promote the use of cleaner cooking technologies accross Malawi