In partnership with Hivos International and Government of Malawi, under the “Driving Top-of-Mind Awareness for Green and Inclusive Energy” (GIE) project, the Renew’N’Able Malawi (RENAMA) advocacy team is happy to announce three two-day Training-of-Trainers (ToT) workshops to take place between 19th June and 14th July in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

The purpose of these workshops is to build a nation-wide constituency of advocates for Green and Inclusive Energy who will contribute to the crucial aim of reducing energy poverty (the absence of access to sustainable and affordable sustainable energy sources) which the majority of Malawian households are currently facing.

The Strategic Partnership for Green and Inclusive Energy aims at, among others, working with the Malawian public to increase knowledge, advocacy power and problem solving capacity of people on the topic of sustainable energy access. Acknowledging existing community structures, dynamics and efforts of various stakeholders, we would like to combine efforts with all those interested to reach as many people as possible on the topic.

The trainings are targeting people who already engage themselves, either privately or professionally, in educating and impacting many people’s lives for the better. For example, this may include teachers, VSL group facilitators, field facilitators working in non-energy sectors that see a clear relation between their current work and energy and would like to integrate these holistically, traditional leaders, other group coordinators, and staff at NGOs who are training field facilitators in ToTs, volunteers in community projects with big outreach areas, and so on.

Interested individuals, either in their personal capacity or as a staff member of a local Civil Society or Community Development Organizations.

The expectation is that participants would pro-actively use knowledge and linkages from the training and networks created during the workshops and afterwards through the “’Mphamvu Now” web platform, to advocate for crucial change in current energy use and better access to sustainable energy sources for all.

The idea is to create a Malawi where issues surrounding energy needs and solutions are well understood by the population, and the public is empowered to effectively demand long-term sustainable, inclusive / pro-poor energy frameworks and delivery and support systems from responsible policy makers and administration.

Requirements to be considered for one of the free spaces:

  • Participants must have experience in community mobilization and be involved in relevant activities already (either as private initiative or through their professional engagement) which will ensure the use of the new knowledge to engage people in various communities.
  • Self-responsibility and willingness to follow up on activities that will generate from the training.
  • Should be willing to transfer knowledge gained to their institutions and to the community members
  • Should be willing to mainstream energy issues in their programming
  • Have a network of people and a strategic circle of influence which will in turn act as a nucleus for GIE.

If you want to become an energy change maker, please send us an email with the following documents:

  • A summarized CV of max 3 pages, please NOT detailing all your school subjects etc. but focusing on your work history and any relevant issues for this purpose like your advocacy experience (achievements also in numbers, e.g. how big the groups were with whom you have worked and what has effectively changed because of your intervention)
  • A two-page essay detailing your motivation to participate and how YOU would use the knowledge gained from the training practically to change communities in terms of GIE (include numbers of people impacted, how they will be enabled to change in terms of knowledge, change of current use and access to new solutions, and time frames, with indication if you will be doing these advocacy activities on private/voluntary basis/in your free time, or as part of your employment)

If you are currently working in a related job under which you would want to integrate the energy contents as part of your other activities, a support letter from your supervisor at your organization confirming your availability or the training and that they would support your plans as outlined in the essay and make available sufficient time and resources for you to implement these plans

NOTE: There will be up to 20 participants admitted per workshop location. Only Blantyre has 3 spaces to be filled by 16th June, 2017.

If you are interested in actively participating to grow your knowledge and impact your fellow countrymen positively, please send the mentioned application documents to by Friday, 23rd June 2017 for Lilongwe and Mzuzu Training. You may also email or call on +265.111 608 501 during office hours and ask for Wonderful Mkhutche, or Kenneth Mtago should you have any specific questions.


GIE will sponsor the participants with accommodation, meals and refreshment during the training. To facilitate that people may come from all corners of the region, transport costs will be reimbursed against valid receipt, up to the cost of a return bus ticket (for participants sharing car transport the maximum rate per person according to bus travel). This applies wherever participants are not supported by organizations under funded projects.